Welcome to PicoBusiness

Hello, and welcome.

We’re very excited to get this site up and running. There’s still some finishing work to do, but we’re ready to get started!

The goal of this site is to share and build knowledge around starting and maintaining small- and side- businesses. We’ve noticed over the last few years that everyone seems to be getting into the side business game, either for money, fun, knowledge building or to explore new opportunities.

And frankly, there’s never been a better time than now to start a small- or side- business. They’re cheaper to set up than ever, there’s more and better ways to advertise and keep in touch with customers, and there’s huge amounts of knowledge out there. My goal is to make this a site where this knowledge can be shared, for everyone’s benefit.

Right now, we have two parts to the site – this blog, and the Forum. Both will be updated regularly, as new information, opportunities, concerns and news comes along.



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