Bellygraph is not done

I mentioned the other day that Bellygraph got about 700 users. Right now it’s closing on 800, almost all word of mouth and older blog postings on LifeHacker.

I’m a student of the Agile programming techniques, and one of the agile disciplines is delivering imperfect software early, rather than waiting for it to be perfect. There is no doubt that BG is in that state. Based on the snarky comments I’ve received, it needs tons of style improvements and a lot of new features. But even so, it is out there, and people are using it. And I’ll continue to improve it as I have the time.

Even though I disagreed somewhat with this post, I do agree completely with the final paragraph – experiment, and try something. Don’t wait for it to be perfect first.

Or, as my boss likes to say – perfect never goes to market.


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