The Myth of the Great Idea

The Myth Of The Great Idea.

Success almost never comes from a mind-blowing idea, so sitting around trying to find one is a waste of time. Success comes from a basic idea executed amazingly well. Ideas are rarely found by thinking. They’re found by doing. I didn’t come up with the idea of IWillTeachYouToBeRich one night, staring out at the beach through a rain-drenched window. I thought of it after getting a $2,000 scholarship check, investing it in the stock market, and losing half of it immediately. (And really, is the idea of a personal-finance site really that compelling of an idea?) I’ll answer my own question: No!

It’s all in the execution.

Depending on your definition of “success”, I am not sure that I agree. Virtually all hugely successful companies are, in fact, the result of a great idea, combined with great execution. Execution is critical, and it is certainly more accessible to most people than great ideas.

You will be successful in life with good execution. That’s pretty much a given. Stick to your tasks, see them to their finish, and you’ll be known as someone who gets things done. That will open doors, help find opportunities for you.

But once you have that skill, great ideas become more valuable, because you have the training and the discipline to see them through.

Execution first, brilliance second.


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