Marketing For Small Businesses

Courtesy of Startup Journal – Practical Marketing Tips for Entrepreneurs

Here are the topics, you can decide if they’re worth reading.

  • How do most new businesses get their first customer?
  • What are the biggest challenges in landing that first customer?
  • What are some common marketing mistakes that new business owners make?
  • How can new business owners avoid these snafus?
  • What do new business owners usually do well in regard to marketing?
  • What marketing challenges can first-time business owners expect?
  • What’s the best way to market a new business without spending a lot?

1) Provide good quality services that your friends, colleagues and relatives will be comfortable promoting
2) Be persistent in your sales efforts to find new customers
3) Don’t lie about what you do, overstate your capabilities or try to go after customers that are ‘too big’. You’ll just waste your time and theirs.
4) Try to get coverage in the local papers, either via press releases or actual interviews.
5) For “real world” businesses, try to leverage your local community as much as possible.

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