Entrepreneurship on a severely tight budget

This Business Week article on entrepreneurship in India is interesting in its own right. But it is also interesting to think about how such ideas can be incorporated elsewhere. Generally speaking, I am much more creative and efficient in how I solve problems when I am constrained than when I am more-or-less completely unconstrained. So imagine, you want to set up a business, and you set a maximum budget for yourself of $25. That would certainly force you to come up with some interesting ways to solve problems. You might have to think way out in left field to make that work.

And if it does work, it potentially presents you with a tool you can use to differentiate yourself from your competitors, and possibly even find ways to take customers away from your competitors.

$25 may not be realistic, although I know that there are plenty of things you can accomplish with $25. But the next time you’re thinking about an idea, think about how you can put some serious constraints on your options, and see if that doesn’t help make for some interesting ideas and options you wouldn’t have thought of before….


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