Seth Godin on Forums

Seth Godin talks about creating forums to help share knowledge and ideas about new and interesting topics. What a great idea. I think I’ll start one about starting and maintaining side businesses 🙂 Small Business, Forum, Entrepreneurship

Latest sites/links of interest

Work Happy – reviews and rates products and services targeted at small business. Search Engine Optimization for beginners Any others? I’ve cross-posted them to the PicoBusiness Forum for discussion. SEO, Search Engine Optimization, Small Business

I’m on!

I’ve noticed that people are starting to find this blog via Welcome! And thanks! Don’t forget to check out the PicoBusiness Forums – it’s just getting started, but that’s where the ideas and the support network will really flow.

Small Business 101

Ryan Carson posts an interesting article about increasing sales at your small business. Very timely :). I’ve cross-posted it to the PicoBusiness Forum, so everyone can suggest their own ideas, and comment on his.