Book Review – It’s not what you say, it’s what you do

I read “It’s not what you say, it’s what you do” by Laurence Haughton a while back, and I found it to be generally quote good. The general summary is: Develop effective metrics for every action you want to take (either for yourself or your organization) and then measure yourself rigorously against those metrics as you progress. In general, Dr. Haughton feels that it’s the abandonment of organizational initiatives that kills executional effectiveness – people notice when a “big idea” quietly dies, and then decide that the execs “don’t really mean it” when they come up with the next “big idea”.

Solution – never let an idea die quietly – make sure it has closure. This is a powerful idea, and probably ignored much more often than it should be. It is certainly something that I’m guilty of.

The book is obviously a lot more broad than this quick overview, and it includes a lot of ideas and techniques for going from idea to successful execution.

Here’s another, much more in-depth review of the book.

Another point in Dr. Haughton’s favor – he reads blogs, comments on posts that he likes, and follows up with commentors personally. (Very cool).


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