My favorite tools

  • GTD Tiddly Wiki – Javascript webpage that you can run from your local hard drive (no network connection required). I copied the page onto my hard drive and use it to keep track of what I’m doing.
  • Protopage – A web-based organizer for bookmarks and a whole lot more. Easier to organize than a favorites/bookmark list, and it will work when you’re at a different computer.
  • Bellygraph – I created Bellygraph because I needed something like it, to help keep me motivated to work on my goals.
  • – I use this all the time to track interesting web pages, especially so I can mention them here.
  • Bloglines – If you’re not reading blogs with a blog reader like Bloglines, you are almost certainly using your time inefficiently.

For tracking website stats and traffic:

  • Google Analytics – unfortunately, they’ve had to refuse new accounts, but if you are fortunate enough to get one, it’s a great ‘dashboard’ for tracking who visits your website, how long they stay, and what they look at.
  • Technorati – I use Technorati to keep track of who is linking to my blogs (Indefinite Articles, PicoBusiness and Stone Magic) and also who is linking to my websites.
  • Alexa – I’ve just started using this, but it has some interesting statistics

Sites that I’m using more and more:

  • Google Home – Like MyYahoo, but a little more configurable, and it integrates with Gmail.
  • Jotzel – a great source of business news.
  • – the latest “cool” websites. Lots of techie stuff, but lots of business and personal development stuff as well.

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