Looking vs. Being Busy

Looking Busy.

Consistent with what I’ve wrriten before – you should only be “really busy” when you are doing something you have a great passion for.

Whenever I find myself really busy working on something that I dislike, I ask myself some questions:

  • Am I doing this because it needs to be done, or for appearances?
  • Am I going to benefit in some meaningful way from doing this?
  • Will anyone really care if I put it down and pick it up again tomorrow?

If I can’t find a good answer to those questions, I put the work down, and do something else I would rather be doing. It’s easy to get caught up in someone else’s priorities. Especially when you work for yourself or have dreams of establishing your own success, letting someone else steal your time from you is essentially letting them steal your dreams as well. Don’t let that happen!


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