Ten things you will only learn from experience

  • Bad things usually happen right after you give up trying to prevent them because they haven’t happened yet.
  • People will do just about anything in order to make sure their children are fed..
  • People will claim that they were ‘trying to feed their children’ in order to justify just about anything they do.
  • People will lie to you about just about anything, mostly to make themselves seem more important.
  • Husbands without a timeconsuming hobby will cheat on their wives.
  • When someone is mean to you, it is almost always because they are jealous.
  • Most people trust anecdotes more than they trust statistics.
  • Consultants and Evangelists shade the truth or leave out contradictory facts in order to keep their message clean.
  • In any list of ten or more things, one of them is not true
  • While it is true that even-tempered, easygoing people rarely make history. most angry, unreasonable people don’t make history either, and they end up bitter, depressed and alone.

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