Ten Reasons to be an entrepreneur

  1. You get to feel smug
    • All those people who criticize the masses of humanity for being docile sheep, who live life on everyone else’s terms? You’re not one of them.
  2. You learn more about business than all of your friends
  3. You can write off some of your purchases
    • I’ve never done this (yet), mainly because my costs are low. But a more ambitious project, and it’s a very legitimate way to decrease one’s tax burden.
  4. You get to smile knowingly when you read other people’s accounts of their startups
  5. “I run my own business” sounds fairly impressive to most people.
  6. You are setting a great example for your kids
    • By starting a business, even if it fails, you’re demonstrating to your kids that life is something to be challenged and improved upon, not something to sleep through. Plus, I’ve noticed a lot of the more successful young entrepreneurs have older relatives who were also entrepreneurs. I assume that means they helped the youngster avoid some of the stupid early mistakes.
  7. You (hopefully) won’t have an idiot for a boss
  8. You learn a lot about your own strengths and weaknesses
    • Uncomfortable with sales, or chatting with potential clients? (I know I am). Well, if you want to succeed, you have to do it, so you find ways to either improve yourself, or work around the problem, or both.
  9. There’s never been a better time to be an entrepreneur
    • The cost of finding customers, building infrastructure, filling orders, taking money, shipping goods, buying inventory, advertising and business/market research has never been cheaper. There are people out there making a living selling Pool Tables on eBay. What do you believe in? There’s probably a way you can make a living doing it.
  10. By definition, you are demonstrating courage
    • Never waste time wondering if you’re a coward anymore. By definition, if you are taking the risk of starting a business, you are facing fears that most of the population refuses to face.

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