My Seth Godin Hat

If I put on my “remarkable” hat, I think this is just thrilling:

  1. Man decides to create a “legion” of Stormtroopers (from Star Wars), and dubs it the 501st Legion, and creates a website for it.
  2. Man finds others like him, and together they build a large following all across the globe.
  3. The legion’s members volunteer to attend charity events and help drive up attendance and the thrill factor.
  4. George Lucas and LucasFilm honor the 501st, by incorporating it into the actual Star Wars universe – with full background, and a critical placement in one of their best-selling video games.

What a wonderful, wonderful way to make the fans feel like they are contributing to the story that they love so passionately.   My hat’s off to LucasFilm – what a smart and decent thing to do!

Oh, and when George Lucas is the Grand Marshall of the 2007 Rose Bowl parade, members of the 501st will be marching with him.


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