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On the subject of “Libertarian Democrats” Trent McBride offers this challenge:

So I issue a challenge … Persuade me that corporate (coercive) power, to the extent that it exists, does not rest on governmental power at its foundation.

As usual, there’s probably a perception shift involved when people disagree about these kinds of things.  While I don’t believe this answer, this is what I think is going on in Kos’s head:

  • Yes, it is true that corporations get their power from government.
  • But:
  • The public gets to vote on the constinuency of their government, but not corporate boards
  • There is only one government, but there are many powerful corporations, so government acts are easier to monitor and report on than corporate acts
  • Therefore:
    • If we set up an infrastructure that can prevent corporate access to government power, then the government will be the only place we have to look for “shenanigans”.  And indeed, if we only vote in people of sound ethical mind, of true progressive spirit, of decent, tolerant leftist stripe, we’ll have a wonderful government that is focused solely on the benefit of the citizens.
    • We’ll establish watchdog groups to ensure that the government adheres to the ethical leftist position, and does not let itself be seduced by the dark side of greed and bribery and favoritism.
    • And we’ll establish other watchdog groups to watch the other watchdog groups, so that the watchdog groups don’t get “turned to the dark side”
  • In other words – yes, the government will have the power, but since it is governed by multiple layers of ethical watchdogs, it will not be possible for the government to abuse its power.
    • And this approach will not be possible as long as corporations have access to the halls of government, because you can’t effectively watch all those different corporations for “shenanigans” at one time.

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