Bigger Fool Lottery

mmmzr is already at $28k in gross revenue, approx $7k in net revenue.  (See previous post here). The question I have to ask now is – how high will it go?  What do you all think the biggest fool will pay for a slot?

My guess is that at $16,384, you’re going to hit a limit where there’s not enough “oomph” compared to other ways one could spend that in advertising.  That’s only 8 sales away right now, so I could be completely wrong.

However, I’m still glad I didn’t try to buy in at $512 or $1024, even thought it is clear I would have made a tidy sum.

If I’m wrong, and people bid it up past $16k, I suspect that you’ll start to see copycats, especially on higher traffic blogs, as the free market takes hold.


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