“The Bigger Fool” – Demonstrated

I’ve never seen anything quite like it.  mmmzr is an example of both Multi-level Marketing and Internet Bubble concepts, all rolled into one.

Here’s how it works – you buy real estate on his home page, create a button, and the click-through for the button leads to your website.     Later on, someone (Person A) else buys your real-estate, and mmmzr pays you, and your button moves down the page.  Then, later on again, someone else (Person B) buys the real estate from Person A, and you get paid your original purchase price again.  So you’ll get 2x your initial purchase price back.
Each time, mmmzr gets 25% of the money from the sale.  He’s already up to about $2200 in “gross” income, of which he is keeping about $450 at this point.   Not bad for a few hours work.

To be fair, the author points out that you shouldn’t assume you’ll get 2x your purchase price.  You should buy an ad because you think it is valuable.  I tried to buy an ad at $128, but someone else snapped it up first, and I don’t feel like risking any more money than that.  As it stands, it looks like I would have gotten my money back x2 already.

However, the fundamental driving force is the “Bigger Fool” – I will foolishly buy this house for $250k, because some bigger fool will come along and buy it for $500k, and I’ll make a ton of money
But that, by definition doesn’t last forever.   It will last a while, but it’s not clear how long.  I’m certainly helping in some small way by linking to the site, and honestly, I wish nothing but the best for the owner, who seems like a smart, creative fellow.  But I can’t, in good conscience, risk more than what I’ve already risked on such a silly and potentially replicable model.  Realistically, is there something that will prevent someone with a better domain name with better traffic from replicating the service, and potentially reaching higher valuations?     MillionDollarHomePage worked because the name and the content were the same.  mmmzr just doesn’t have the same ring, now does it, and the costs are quickly growing prohibitive for all but “real” businesses.


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