YouTube and TV

Fred Wilson asks

Will the Web always be the minor league of video” and the equivalent “The question is: Will the TV always be the pinnacle of fame.”

The answers are no, and no, respectively.

The web will not always be the minor league of video, assuming that you include interactivity (even in a limited sense) in that definition.   Interactive, multi-angle, exploratory video is much more likely to be the future of video, instead of the flat presentation we have now.  To a generation growing up on video games, the ability to interact with the screen and the characters is important, and it will only get more important over time.
And the TV will not always be the pinnacle of fame, for the same reason that radio is no longer the pinnacle of fame, nor composers and authors before that.  Eventually, games and interactive media will become the pinnacle of fame, if not something else.  Again, look at it in generational terms.

Now, if I constrain myself by adding “in the next 5 years” to each of those questions, my answer is yes, and yes.


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