Brain Dead Reviewers and Wall-E (SPOILERS!)

Rotten Tomatoes gives Wall E a 96% “fresh” rating, which is a stellar achievement. I love looking at the negative reviews for a movie this well-rated, because the contrary opinions are so amusing.

When I came across this review, however, I am left befuddled. Specifically:

That poses a threat to the corporation that is generating so much profit from its captive audience on the space station.

You know the recent wisdom – stupid, incompetent people don’t realize that they’re stupid and incompetent, because they’re too stupid and incompetent to make the connections. So they sail through a world where things fail because of other people’s mistakes, not theirs, and if they can’t figure out how to do something, then it clearly just can’t be done.

Based on this one line of his review, I feel safe in declaring that Kyle Smith is both stupid and incompetent. He utterly failed to understand the meaning behind protocol A113, he fails to understand the difference between the “corporation” and the “autopilot” and, last but not least, he appears to have a child-like inability to understand how markets, corporations and profits work. 10 year olds can understand easily that there are no profits to be made on a group of people who don’t do anything other than eat, sleep, chat and play computer games. There’s no “evil corporation” here. The Axiom is the welfare state concept bubbled down to its core, and left to percolate for 30 generations. Instead of governments and taxpayers paying the bill, its robots, who dutifully care for the humans, with no interest or desire for profit – because there is none to be had.

On the hand, I am eager to find out if Kyle Smith was a fan of The Happening. If he was, I may be able to use him as an excellent anti-reviewer – stay away from everything he likes, and expect to enjoy everything he doesn’t.


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