The Dark Knight – metacomments


In reviewing some of the feedback on The Dark Knight, I struggle with some of the ideas that are floating around:

Below the fold, if you want to read further.

1. The Ferryboat Scene is “too happy”
Many people seem to feel that the ‘realistic’ ending would have involved one of the ferry populations blowing the other one up. Actually, in my opinion, if that had happened, if the people let themselves succumb to those base fears, then the whole movie has no point.

2. The Joker Wins
If the ferry people had blown each other up, his monologue on the “falseness” of civilization, and how quickly people slide into brutality would have been proven true. He would have demonstrated to the Batman that there was no real ‘civilization’ in Gotham, and that, ultimately, Batman was fighting a pointless battle for people who did not deserve to be protected.

But the “regular people” were morally strong. They showed (and you can clearly see the confusion on Joker’s face) that they were not panicked rats – they believed in right and wrong all the way to the end.

3. The Joker is Chaos
He is, to some degree, spawning chaos, but the Joker has a very involved plan, with clockwork movements. Think about how he attacks the convoy – planned out to incredibly depth against his ultimate goal of getting to the chinese banker (whose name I forget). The hospital attack, designed specifically to create the opportunity for the ferry attack, with the collection of prisoners and hostages and disruption of traffic… it’s a masterwork of planning.

When he sneers at the value of planning, saying that he ‘has no plan’ he is lying through his teeth.


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