Another reason to homeschool

People sometimes ask why I don’t like public schools, etc. And there are a lot of reasons, involving lack of accountability, significant liberal bias, misplaced incentives and pro-government dogma presented as facts.

The most compelling reason, however, simply has to do with the fact that government school systems have a lot of power, and when the wrong person has control of that power, bad things happen.

I know, you look at this article and say to yourself “Yes, that was a bad thing, but it was an isolated incident.”

The problem is that those “isolated incidents” are occurring all the time, all over the country. As we (the people) give more power to the school systems and the administrators, we make the administrative positions more attractive to unscrupulous, immoral people who will happily abuse these positions to enrich themselves.

I know, a lot of times, people who want to give school systems more power do so with only the best of intentions. But just like deciding to turn to the dark side of the Force to save your wife from a painful death in childbirth, in the end, it’s just a bad idea.

(hat tip: TJICstan)


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