Joker 89 vs Joker 08

(Spoilers, don’t keep reading if you haven’t seen either movie)


Joker 89 – set up by his boss over a woman.
Joker 08 – Unknown

Winner: Joker 08


Joker 89 – courtesy of shrapnel and a hack surgeon
Joker 08 – Unknown, possibly self-inflicted

Winner: Joker 08


Joker 89 – dapper and dashing in custom-tailored purple suits
Joker 08 – unkempt and probably quite smelly

Winner: Joker 89


Joker 89 – dapper and dashing in custom-tailored purple suits
Joker 08 – unkept, unpredictable and diabolically clever

Winner: Joker 08


Joker 89 – toxic makeup, parade balloons and Prince music
Joker 08 – knives, ammonium nitrate and cellphones

Winner: Joker 89


Joker 89 – poison celebrities who wear too much makeup, and arrange for people to poison themselves in the streets
Joker 08 – retrieve the chinese banker for the mob from police custody, and demonstrate to Batman that the people of Gotham are not civilized enough to justify his devotion to them.

Winner: Joker 08

How He Meets His End

Joker 89 – apparently dead from a fall, although the body on the ground does not have any blood on his face.
Joker 08 – locked up in Arkham, certain to escape and terrorize Gotham again.

Winner: Joker 08

Thinking Ahead

Joker 89 – took over the TV stations, avoided the batmobile explosion
Joker 08 – Got himself and a bomb into deep police custody, anticipated the route and timing of the prisoner transfer, cleverly disguised hostages as terrorists, and anticipated the use of ferries to transport innocent people and criminals at the same time.

Winner: Joker 08

Total: 6 to 2 in favor of Joker 08


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