You have failed me for the last time, Scattante

For the last 5 months, I have been training regularly on my Scattante bike. In May, I did a triathlon, and the bike’s rear gear wire snapped as I was pushing up a hill, which broke the chain, wedged the rear cassette, broke a spoke and snapped the rear d√©railleur in half. I was only a mile into the bike, so I had to walk back and DQ myself.

Alas, I thought. These things happen. I took the bike back to Performance, and they fixed it for me, no problem.

Between May and today, lots of miles, lots of speed work. Great fun. Except that I would get flats in the rear tire on a regular basis. Took it in, and it turns out the rim strip was misaligned, and the tube was getting wedged into one of the spoke wells. Got that fixed.

Today, another (sprint) triathlon. Best ride of my life. 10 miles into the bike, the crankshaft comes apart, the left pedal and arm dangling from my shoe.. And it’s not like those are trivial to fix out on the course. So I had to run the bike in the rest of the way.

It’s clear to me that when the chips are down, when I’m pushing the bike as hard as I can, it falls apart.

So, no more Scattante for me. Bleah. $1200 down the drain.


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