Sarah Palin

It is very interesting to read all the commentary about Mrs. Palin. Many on the right think that picking her guarantees McCain will lose. Others think it’s a very smart move, one that significantly shifts the balance in the race.

On the left, some are positively derisive – mocking her for good looks, a somewhat plebian background and no significant intellectual laurels. Others caution that Tim Kaine was a serious contender for Obama’s VP, and he doesn’t have any more experience than she does. Still others seem to feel that McCain is demonstrably more sexist by picking a woman VP, because “she’s a token”

On that last concept, that raises an interesting thought experiment for the people who hold that beliefe – is there a viable Republican woman that McCain could have picked that would not be considered a token?

Then there’s the fascinating rumor that he’s only ever spoken to her twice, briefly. That would be terrifically amusing, if true. That would be proof, to me, that she was nothing more than a token.

Oh, and this Tina Fey fanboy definitely approves of her looks 🙂


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