To Whom It May Concern

Dear Sir Or Madam,

My name is Nick Gilespie, a great Broker of Wall Street (some might even say I am a Prince). I am writing to you from the great Island of Manhattan. As you know, a mighty Fiscal Storm has engulfed us, and we are in a deep, dire situation. However, all is not lost, and Lord Paulson has promised to send us $700 Billion in US Dollars, payable immediately, no strings attached. Alas, we are not equipped to accept checks currently, as all of our bank accounts have been frozen.

However, in preparation for this very crisis, we have scanned the credit of many a good person of the United States. You, good Sir, or Madam, have a checking account of impeccable order, and we feel that you are moral, forthright and decent. If you will help us with our predicament, we can ensure that it will be most worth your while.

If you will supply us with your checking account routing number and authorization codes, we can provide that will forward that information on to Lord Paulson. He will in turn deposit the $700 billion into your account. All you have to do is hold it for 30 days, while we arrange for appropriate Swiss bank accounts, and we will transfer the money out. You need to do nothing, and at the end, we offer you the full interest on that bounty, which, over the course of 30 days, will come to approximately $350 million dollars, minus our modest transaction fees, regulatory fees, taxes, etc.

If you are interested in such an opportunity, please contact us as soon as possible, as we are in danger of losing this opportunity if we do not Strike while the Iron is Hot.

Yours in Credit,

Nick Gilespie.


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