Global Climate Change – He With the Most Political Clout Wins

The greatest tragedy in global climate change is that all the political solutions are managed by corruptible humans, who will inevitably twist the policies to benefit their friends and punish their enemies:

It was an interesting experience for me because the audience was hugely sympathetic to my pitch, but frustrated because, for them, it was beside the point: They were already committed by AB32 to take drastic and expensive action under AB32. The only policy recommendation I made in my speech was to lament the obsession with cap-and-trade and make a plea for a carbon tax. The discussion afterward pretty much made my point for me, with every member lamenting the absurdities that are emerging in the CARB regulation process. Even Mr. Nation admitted that the CARB is setting up programs that are preferentially regulating those with the least political muscle and pushing policies which make no sense in any kind of cost-benefit analysis for fighting CO2. Mr. Nation said that when he was in the legislature, he tried a carbon tax first but could not get it out of committee, even a small one that would have raised gas taxes about 5 cents. It seems politicians have no problem enacting huge taxes (which is what AB32 does) as long as those taxes are not called a tax and are hidden from the view of the general public (at least until prices start to rise and businesses start to exit the state).

(my emphasis).

This is exactly why I am so suspicious of this kind of activism. It starts with the best of intentions, and ends with venal power grabs by the politically well-connected. And these power grabs often end up being more harmful to our country than the problem they were supposed to solve.


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