How Not To Do Search

Ok, I have an interesting idea for a conference discussion topic (well, at least I think so). I decide to look around for conferences that might be suitable. I find a website (which will remain nameless for now), which appears to provide the ability to search all conferences.

I find an interesting list on software conferences, but the problem is that the list is worldwide, and includes conferences in the immediate future. I need something that is only in the US, and no earlier than 2009.

This looks like a pretty acceptable interface, all-in-all. Ah, but look at those search buttons. Notice one next to each search field? Surely, you might think, those are just convenience buttons – everything gets munged together into one master query… right?

Alas, you think wrong.

  • You can search by country
  • You can search by date
  • You can search by category

But you cannot search by all three at once!


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