CAN SPAM 5 years later – What went wrong

Slashdot asks a silly question

The question is silly because the answer is so manifestly obvious – 9 times out of 10, government actions are simply terrible – a spiraling disaster of unintended consequences, graft, corruption, rent-seeking and the surrender of freedoms.

Pro-government types will point to the successes of government – the national highway system, maybe the clean air/water acts… maybe a couple of other things. And I will answer – yes – as I said, only nine times out of ten does the solution fail utterly. One time out of ten, the government solution is reasonable and decent.

The biggest problem is that it is nearly impossible to tell the one good idea from the 9 terrible ones, and pro-government types always point to the past successes as justification for all 10 new ideas. So we end up with all of them, constantly increasing the power and reach of government at the expense of our personal freedoms.


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