The cycle continues

Like a horde of Marvel Zombies, good-intentioned progressives move from state to state, creating enormous (but well-meaning) entitlement programs that eventually bankrupt the state. Undaunted, those progressives move on to the next victim population center to advocate for the “less… Read moreThe cycle continues

I !<3 the minimum wage

*update* My reader, at least, is killing the title because of the emoticon. It should read: “I !<3 the minimum wage” No worries. In these robust and easy economic times, I’m sure they’ll have no problem finding new jobs.


Ba da pa pa ba da pa pa… Come here Pretty please Can you tell me where I am? You… won’t you say something? I need to get my bearings I’m lost And the shadows keep on changing And I’m… Read moreHaunted

Steve Jobs

Is apparently suffering from a hormone imbalance that makes him lose weight uncontrollably. In related news, Apple is coming out with a new product – iThin – a gorgeously designed cookbook full of stunning photos of recipes guaranteed to knock… Read moreSteve Jobs