prediction about the stimulus

Obama has been getting people scratching their heads, because usually presidents don’t do quite so much fear-mongering in a crisis.

However, I believe it is all part of his cunning plan:

1. Get everyone good and scared
2. Get Congress to pass a bill, called a “stimulus package”. It could be a ham sandwich – the details don’t really matter.
3. Sign the bill
4. Wait a week
5. Start announcing how the crisis has passed, that everyone can breathe easy, that the stimulus is already starting to loosen credit markets, re-enliven zombie banks and restore hair to balding heads.
6. Enough people “on his side” will carry this message forward, and start to ignore bad economic news and trumpet good economic news. TV news will include segments on “The Stimulus In Action” and other such happy things.
7. A meaningful number of people will grow more confident because of all the good news
8. Crisis averted

The triumph of faith over reason! Later, Obama will assemble his three vampire minions and they will scribe three books, which, once they are read, grant him the power to ascend to godhood. (Only one of my readers will get this reference)

There are a couple of sticking points:
a) If the media doesn’t get on board, the bad news will continue to flourish, reducing confidence
b) Anything that results in a global trade war will completely kill our country’s growth, regardless of confidence. In that case, I suspect Obama will be a 1 term president.


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