Do nothing?

In almost all cases, I fall into the set of people who say ‘governments are incompetent agencies, filled with self-aggrandizing politicians and misanthropic bureaucrats who are just as corruptible and venal as any businessman. The only difference is that the… Read moreDo nothing?

Bring the pain

Richard Posner (respected judge, and a man of which Lawrence Lessig says ‘There isn’t a federal judge I respect more, both as a judge and person’) and Gary Becker (nobel prize winning economist) both come out against pay caps for… Read moreBring the pain

Such wealth

Most excellent quote of the day, in response to this: Thirteen-year-old Chuck’s breath may not be exactly minty fresh, but he is a little more pleasant to be around because of daily toothbrushing. “The toothbrush helps control any fish breath… Read moreSuch wealth


The more power we give the government, the more often things like this are going to happen. The only reason you’re hearing about this one is because the town mayor was the victim. How many other pets are killed, how… Read moreSigh