Math check

*Update* – they changed the article and removed all of these numbers, and added an amusing mistake: 1.5F (-17C) – heh.


If today’s generation acts on climate change, the average US temperature will rise 0.4C-1.83C (4-6.5F) by the end of this century, said the draft, which was finalised in April.

If it does not, average temperatures could rise by about 2.1C-4.3C (7-11F) with catastrophic consequences for human health and the economy.

First, there’s no way those pairs of numbers go together, unless you roughly double the number, and add three.

Assuming that 180 degrees Fareinheit == 100 degrees Celsius (32 – 212 vs 0 – 100), then 0.4 degrees Celsius == 0.4 * 1.8 –> .72 degrees Farenheit, and 1.83 Celsus –> 3.3 Farenheit.

I mean, if I said the temperature rose from 25 degrees Celsius to 25.4 degrees Celsius, that’s…

C*9/5+32 == 77 –> 77.72 Farenheit.


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