Things I did not know yesterday, part 177

In 1927, for example, President Calvin Coolidge’s sixteen-year old son Calvin Jr. developed a blister playing tennis without socks. It became infected. Five days later, he died. Before the advent of antibiotics, tragedies like this were routine. 1927???? Holy cow.

Math check

*Update* – they changed the article and removed all of these numbers, and added an amusing mistake: 1.5F (-17C) – heh. hmmm If today’s generation acts on climate change, the average US temperature will rise 0.4C-1.83C (4-6.5F) by the end… Read moreMath check

oh goody!

A little over a year ago, I had an idea for a YA novel that would use an infant dragon as the protagonist. It turns out that someone’s already written that, so I can just enjoy their hard work instead!

Amusing Aside

Coyote sez: “Archives: You gotta go see the big documents. The Bill of Rights, a copy of Magna Carta, the Constitution, and the Declaration of Independence are all there (though the Declaration has really faded).” Ha! (My emphasis)