Renters Happier and Thinner

This has apparently been sitting in my ‘draft’ queue for several months now. No time like the present!

This is making the rounds of late.

My economist nose sniffs a bit of correlation-not-causation here.

1. Did they control for single-vs-married? Single women have natural incentives to be thinner than married women. Married women living in an apartment would seem to be more likely to be looking to trade up for a better mate.
2. Did they control for # of children? It is, alas, a fact that, statistically, the fewer kids one has, the happier one is. (hard to believe, given how much I enjoy my kids, but I am not entitled to my own facts)
3. They also mentioned that homeowners spend more time on household chores, etc. I believe it – my chore duty dropped precipitously once I started renting an apartment. Plus, I can afford to live closer in, so my trips to the store take lest time and my commute is shorter.


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