What is 162,000 times cheaper than 25 years ago?

If you answered ‘The memory cost of a high-end Macintosh computer“, you win!

Here’s the thing that really bakes my noodle. In 5 years, that high-end iMac, with it’s jawdropping graphics, screen and CPU capacity, is an underpowered kids machine. In 10 years, it’s a doorstop. In 25 years, it will be ridiculously primitive.

The question is – what is going to arrive over the next 25 years to make that iMac ridiculously primitive?!?!?! I can’t wait to see it. If we just extrapolate the basics, in 25 years a high-end mac will have an 81” screen, 4 exabytes of storage, 2.5 petabytes of memory and 15 terahertz worth of CPU. But I suspect that this will only begin to scratch the surface of what’s to come.


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