This man is not as clever as he thinks he is

Some guy makes this rather strange claim

The popular iPod Touch media player has been revamped at three price points – $229, $299, and $399 – all costing more than the iPhone, which does everything the Touch can plus make phone calls.

Costs more than the iPhone??????? Does this man not understand that there’s a 2-year contract behind that iPhone, which has its own, rather substantial cost? Does he not realize that most people include the cost of the contract (and crappy AT&T service) as part of the cost of the iPhone.

How can anyone claim to write intelligently about pricing if he doesn’t understand the basic economics of the situation at hand?

As for his other points – “Looks different” – while people do enjoy the shape and style of Apple, in many cases you can focus on features and capabilities as another way to “look at” a product – This “Archos 7 Home Tablet” may cost $189, but does it have the apps, the features, the size, the style, the UI of the iPad? There’s a lot of _value_ there. (Note, I don’t own an iPad, and I no longer particularly want one).

Yes, Apple products are overpriced, but when you tie in the experience and the accessibility of the app store, etc, you get a lot more than the box on your desk.


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