the 21st Century!

My 10yo son spent the night at my house last night – he’s homeschooled, so there was no specific pressure to get him to a certain place in the morning. And his mother was going to come pick him up at noon. He’d be alone for a couple of hours, but at 10, that was never an issue for me, so why should it be an issue for him.

Having said that, I did want to make sure he could contact me in an emergency. No home phone.

Ah, but wait! Google added phone calls to Gmail – I fire it up, test it out, and with my headset, it worked very well. So I showed my son how to use it, and off to work I went.

Nothing went wrong, of course. He did get a little worried when his mom was a bit late showing up, so he called me around lunchtime, and I re-assured him that she was on her way.

pretty cool!


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