Thunderbolt, First Impressions

My Blackberry Curve’s trackball finally got so stuck I couldn’t use it anymore, so I decided to upgrade to a Thunderbolt. (I was torn between the Thunderbolt and the iPhone 4, but I’d rather wait for the iPhone 5 than take the 4).

So I’ve had the TBolt for about 48 hours now. Impressions:

1) Battery life will be a challenge. It was fully charged at 7 am, now, at 11 am, it’s below 50%, with moderate usage (i.e. I’ve been using it here and there, but mostly been working).

2) There are a _lot_ of cool apps for it. Still getting used to them all, and all the options

3) The default UI has 7 screens, which doesn’t seem like enough, given how large some of the widgets are. I’m still getting used to that. I can use the ‘start’ menu equivalent, but I’d rather have the apps I use in easy reach for kids, etc.

4) Barcode Scanning is really nifty.

5) Signal quality is not as great as the Blackberry at my office – no 4G, and 3G seems to go in-and-out. Same network, so I think the phone’s antenna is not as good as the Blackberry’s

6) The keyboard is not nearly as good as the Blackberry’s

7) The screen, and the phone itself, is quite large. Seriously, it’s like a mini-tablet

8) By default, everything you do causes the phone to vibrate. I hate that, personally. It took a while, but I finally found out how to stop the vibrations: At the home screen, hit the menu button, and then settings, and then sound. The vibrations can be turned on or off from there.

9) There’s a way to determine which apps are running, but I can’t find it anymore!


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