The Politics of Pull

Ayn Rand may have had a unworkable and unrealistic worldview, but her predictions about the politics of pull were absolutely correct.

GM is partially owned by the government, and the management has a lot of access to government. So, of course, when GM has bad news, they can work with the government to suppress bad news. Just like the management at Solyndra – they have access to key people in Washington, so they get big loans.

This is the fast-track to aristocracy – the nobles are able to influence the king, and the common people have no voice at all. And this is exactly the kind of government that democrats seem to want – one where the highly-educated elite technocrats are in charge of everything, so they can force us to live the life they think we should, “for our own good”.

And, you know what, if it _was_ for our own good, that might be a political structure worth discussing. But history consistently demonstrates that this kind of access leads to corruption, on a national level. These technocrats will use their influence to enrich themselves and their friends, and attack and impoverish their enemies. This is not democracy. This is not freedom. This is the path to ruin, brought to you by the people who believe in the virtue of a powerful central government.


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