Is Capitalism Sustainable

Ken Rogoff gives a bunch of criticisms of why Capitalism, concerned that it isn’t sustainable. To summarize:

  • Public goods are hard to price (e.g. Clean air and water)
  • capitalism has produced extraordinary levels of inequality.
  • the provision and distribution of medical care
  • capitalist systems vastly undervalue the welfare of unborn generations
  • Financial crises

These are interesting, and they inspired in me a similar list – five reasons Ken Rogoff isn’t sustainable:

  • His cells have ever-shortening amounts of Telomerase, ensuring they will eventually fail to replicate successfully
  • His brain is hogging a significant amount of his overall nutrient intake, larger than its proportional share of his body weight
  • He is unable to discern which parts of his body are in distress and need medical care, until after they start to show signs of said distress
  • He is no longer breeding, thus depriving the world of unborn generations of Rogoffs
  • Imagination crises

What….. You’re saying that these criticisms are patently unfair, since they strike at the heart of his personal liberty? You say that it’s unreasonable to establish expectations of performance that no human is capable of meeting? You think that unless I provide a system for him to use that would meet these expectations, it’s unfair of me to levy these kinds of criticisms upon him?

Perhaps you’re right….


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