How to disparage American Exceptionalism in 5 easy steps

1. Pretend that the US isn’t the 3rd largest country on the planet, with a very low population density compared to most other highly developed nations. Because that can’t possibly matter in terms of infrastructure development, right?
2. Pretend that the rest of the world’s nations are just as accepting of foreigners and immigration as the US is, and, furthermore, that the US doesn’t have a dramatically more diverse racial mix than other highly developed countries. Because that can’t make a difference either.
3. Pretend that the US is not the overwhelming leader in scientific discovery, innovation and technological development.
4. Breezily compare statistics gathered in one way from the US from statistics gathered in a different way elsewhere in the world.
5. Take for granted that if the US isn’t at (or very close to) the top in every possible category of human achievement, the idea of American Exceptionalism is invalid.


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