Originally, PicoBusiness was founded around the concept that the Internet has opened opportunities to make a partial living with side businesses. I continue to believe that, but the nature of this blog has changed a bit, to be more of a general blog about business, economics (and some politics), with a general tone of mostly-optimism. What I hope you’ll find is information that helps you start your own businesses, stay optimistic and solve problems in new and interesting ways.

I’m a career software developer/architect. I’ve started two companies and been a member of three other startups. I’ve been on boards and in the trenches, sometimes at the same time. I have forgotten more about distributed computing than most people will ever know. (That’s not a brag – who wants to know anything about distributed computing unless you’re a hopeless geek). Also, I’ve forgotten a lot!

I currently do software consulting for three different clients. In my spare time, I am a partner in a startup, train for triathlons and the occasional marathon, invent new software, hang out with my kids and write novels. Busy busy. I don’t get to watch much TV 🙂

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