How to make a Google bomb

What is a Google bomb?

A Googlebomb is when a large number of links are heading towards a specific chosen page using a specific chosen link-text, in order to rank high in Google. This can have political reasons, as show the most famous examples, or can be done artificially because of the potential gain of achieving high rankings for certain keywords.

How to make a Google bomb?

In order to succeed, Google bombs have to be viral. However, the same result can be produced artificially, if the following conditions are respected:

- The incoming links must come from websites with different class C IP addresses
- the destination page must be located on an authority site or a website that performs well in Google. Otherwise, the google bombing will fail, at least for high competitive keywords.
- Different anchor texts should be used in the incoming links.
- The links should be added progressively and constantly. Getting 100 incoming links the first two days will give a high position in SE, but this position is going to disappear if other links are not added later.
- The bombing will be more effective if the destination page is optimized for the targeted keyword(s). But it is possible to succeed a google bombing without this, as it is the case with the most famous google bombings.

Famous examples

Most of those google bombings are dead. Google has decided to manually edit the results of its search engine in such specific cases.


Miserable failure - Georges Bush, Michael Moore

French Military Victories - French military defeats


Buffone - Silvio Berlusconi


Gros balourd - Jean-Pierre Raffarin

Député liberticide - Jean Dionis


Liar - Tony Blair

Useful resources

More examples on Wikipedia, Google bomb

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