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PIcobusiness is a website designed to help turn innovative digital ideas into sustainable businesses. It aims at hosting workshops, symposia and other events that encourage creative thinking and new partnerships. It works with you to develop your idea or strategy and help lessen the risk of starting a new digital business.

What is web design ?

Web Design specialistes offer custom web designs for static websites as well as an array of both custom built and open source platforms.

Connex offers

Web hosting: quality hosting plans with a lot of storage and bandwidth, custom email aliases, and more

Web development: Custom built web applications in addition to mod, plugin, and theme development for an array of open source platforms

SEO : Getting your website found on the web is crucial. We know how to get your website noticed fast.

Current events

As you may have read, the most famous examples of Googlebombings have been manually edited by Google since the beginning of 2000's. Does that mean that Googlebombing is dead?

Not so sure. There's little doubt that miserable failure, "weapons of mass destruction", "gros balourd" and other "buffone" will come back soon, under another form. This website will help you understand why, but also what is a Googlebomb and how it can be done.

About us

We are a company offering webmarketing services, mostly for a French-speaking audience. We publish : odimat.fr, strategieinternet.com, informatiqueverte.com

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